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Springtime Sweets

Ben’s friend’s fiance , Christie, contacted us a few weeks ago regarding a birthday cake for her mother.  She wanted enough cake/cupcakes to feed 20 people.

We baked two 6″ round vanilla cakes and a dozen vanilla cupcakes.  We stacked and coated the 6″ round cakes and piped the cupcakes with green buttercream.  We made a darker shade of green buttercream to pipe the swirl and leaves.  We made white, pink, yellow and orange marshmallow fondant flowers and placed them on the cake and cupcakes.  Finally, we added a small buttercream center to each flower.

Thanks, Christie, for allowing us to create this cake for your family!  We hope you had a blessed weekend with your mother and that she enjoyed her springtime cake!

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Belly Full of Cake

Jodi, Ben’s cousin, contacted us a few weeks ago regarding a baby shower cake for a friend. She wanted a strawberry Pregnant Belly cake to feed 20 with pink and purple accents.

We baked one soccer ball pan to form the belly and two small ball pans to form the well-endowed momma-to-be breasts. We covered with buttercream and then a layer of fondant to form the dress. We colored a small triangle piece of fondant tan and placed it on top to form the cleavage. White strips of fondant were cut and placed as the trim of the dress. Next, we colored some fondant pink and created the bow, ribbons and trim around the top of the dress. We then cut pink and purple flowers and placed them around the cake and piped a white buttercream dot in the center of each. After four hours total, the cake was complete. (See image below for cake progression)

Congrats, Gabe, on your sweet baby that will be here before you know it! Thanks, Jodi, for the opportunity to do this cute cake.

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