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Angry Bird Birthday

Holly contacted us a few weeks back wanting a vanilla Angry Bird birthday cake to feed 25 for Braylon who was turning 5.  His favorite was the red bird.

We began by baking a 12″ round cake for the main part of the bird and a 6″ round cake to be sculpted into the top of the bird.  After we carved the top section and placed it next the the body, we covered the cake with red buttercream.  We then piped the eyebrows, eyes, beak, darker red circles and chest area as well as the black bead borders, white Birthday text and black tail.  After four hours of baking/decorating, it was complete.

We hope you had a fun-filled birthday, Braylon!

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Angry Cake!

Amanda contacted us last month about doing an Angry Birds cake for her mom’s birthday.  She said she loves the game and wanted to include the characters, especially the Mighty Eagle.  She wanted a vanilla cake to feed 8-10 people.

Ben is obsessed with this game and I have never played it so I was relying on his knowledge to get us through this cake.

We baked an 8″ square cake and covered it in buttercream.  We mixed up some green marshmallow fondant and covered the cake as the grass color.  We mixed what seems to be tons of different colors for each of the characters of the game as well as the rocks and wood.

One by one, we created the characters, starting with the body and adding the tiny details of the beaks, eyes, eyebrows and feather like hair on the tops and backs as well as the neat features of the pigs and the nest with eggs.  Then we created the prop pieces such as the rocks and wood a for the pig side and the slingshot for the birds side.  It took about 4-5 hours just forming all the figures.

After all the pieces were created, we built the scene of the Angry Birds setting out to destroy the Pigs for stealing their eggs.  Lastly, we piped “Turning 60 Makes Me Angry” as requested by Amanda.

After about 9 hours total, we had an Angry Birds cake.

Amanda, thank you for thinking of us to create this fun, challenging cake for your mom.  We hope she has a “Happy” Birthday!

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