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Baby Bump Cake

Tana contacted us a few weeks ago regarding a baby shower cake. She wanted a marble flavored Pregnant Belly cake to feed 25 with the figure wearing a baby blue dress and zebra stripe accents to celebrate the little boy on the way.

We baked one soccer ball pan to form the belly and two small ball pans to form the well-endowed momma-to-be breasts. We covered with buttercream and then a layer of baby blue fondant to form the dress. We colored a small triangle piece of fondant tan and placed it on top to form the cleavage. Baby blue strips of fondant were cut and placed as the trim of the dress. Next, we used white fondant and created the bow, ribbons and trim around the top of the dress. We painted zebra stripes on the bow and ribbons. After four hours total, the cake was complete.

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Sweet Baby Cake

Mrs. Lynne contacted us a few months back for a baby shower cake for one of her co-workers.  She sent me the image of the invitation pictured below and wanted to go with a design that matched.

The cake was to feed 75 so we decided on a two tier design.  She wanted a vanilla cake with buttercream icing and blueberry filling.  To keep the cake uniform and not pick two of the three designs used on the invitation, we chose the bottom large polka dot design for both tiers.  She also wanted a baby blue base for the cake to sit on.

We baked two 12″ square and two 8″ square cakes.  We piped a buttercream border to act as a “dam” to keep the filling inside of the cake.  We then poured blueberry filling onto the cake.

We piped buttercream on top of the filling, placed the cake on top and covered with buttercream.  We repeated these steps for the 8″ top tier.  We then stacked the cakes, piped the brown polka dots and pearl borders.  We tied a brown/blue satin ribbon for the topper.  After six hours, the cake was complete.

Thank you, Mrs. Lynne, for the opportunity to make this cake and congrats to the mom and dad to be!  What a blessing.

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Baby Bump

This weekend was our first weekend planned without a cake so that we could do some projects around the house.  However, while I was talking with a woman from Dover last minute about a cake that she was very anxious to get for her son, Ben was talking with Morgan about this baby bump cake that she definitely wanted.  So we took on two last minute cakes amongst the home projects.

Morgan wanted a vanilla light pink and light green baby bump cake to feed 30.  Since we have done this cake around 4-5 times, we knew what we were in for so we didn’t hesitate to take on the cake.

As before, we baked a soccer ball cake and two small ball cakes.  We cut a section out of the two small round balls to fit the breasts snugly against the belly.  We covered the cake in buttercream and a single piece of white fondant.  We then colored a piece of fondant flesh tone and placed it on as the cleavage.  We then trimmed the cake with white and pink, made the pink bow and cut out pink and light green flowers and piped a white buttercream dot in the center of each flower.

Morgan, thank you for stumbling upon and checking us out and asking us to do this cake for you.  We appreciate the opportunity to create a cake for another expecting mom-to-be.

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Pink or Blue???

Darrick, our realtor, called us Friday evening and asked if we could make a surprise gender cake. They had received the gender of their baby in an envelope earlier that day and wanted us to create a cake that would reveal the sex of the baby when they cut into it. We had plans to be out of town for the weekend and were going to push the cake up to this week, but my heart went out to his wife and the anticipation to know what they were having so we called them back and told them to meet us with the envelope and we’d do it that evening. Within a few minutes, Darrick handed over the envelope with the surprise inside. As soon as they left, we immediately opened it. To be the first know the gender, even before the parents, felt amazing and so very special.

We ran home, baked two 6″ square vanilla cakes with the addition of food coloring to reveal the gender. We covered it in thick white buttercream to hide any of the cake that may show through and piped pink and blue pin stripes around the cake, followed by a white shell border. We piped “Sweet Baby Jackson” with alternating colors. Within two and a half hours, we baked and decorated, called Darrick back and delivered the cake. They waited until the next evening to cut it so that family could be there to take part in the special moment.

Congrats to the Jackson Family on your sweet baby boy! Thank you for allowing us to take part in such a special time in your lives. It meant the world to us!

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Cute As A Button

Rebecca, from Active Screen Graphics in Clarksville, contacted me a couple weeks ago about doing a baby shower cake.  The gender for the baby is unknown so a gender neutral design and color scheme was needed.  She decided on a french vanilla cake to feed 40.

Given all creative freedom on the cake, my husband and I sat and baked up some ideas and decided on a two tier yellow, brown and white cake.  We baked two-10″ round cakes and two-6″ round cakes.  We added yellow buttercream and then stacked the tiers.  We made up some brown and white marshmallow fondant.  We rolled out the brown fondant and cut strips to create the ribbon.  After attaching it to the cake, we piped in the white stitches and a white bead border around both tiers.  We then created the bows, placed them and piped the stitching.  We cut out white flowers and brown buttons and added them to the cake.  We came back and piped a white dot in the center of the flowers and thread on the buttons as if they were sewn to the cake.  We then created the white blanket to adorn the top of the cake.  Now it was time for sculpting the bear (our favorite part, if all goes as planned).  We sculpted the bear’s body, arms, legs and head from brown marshmallow fondant and attached them together.  We placed it on top, gave a smile of approval and walked away two happy cake makers.

Thank you, Rebecca, for the opportunity to do this cake.  We had fun!

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Baby Shower Kickoff!

A good friend of ours asked us if we would be able to do her baby shower cake a few months back.  She was having a boy and knew she wanted a football themed cake.  After tossing around ideas, we settled on a 3D football cake.

A few days prior to decorating the cake, we created his first name “OWEN” out of royal icing.  We let the letters dry and harden on wax paper so that they would be sturdy enough to stand against the cake.

Misty decided on a chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  To keep from the football cake looking too grown up or like a groomsmen cake, like we’ve done before, we wanted to add a few baby items surrounding the cake to give it a softer, sweeter little boy feeling.  We decided to place the buttercream football cake on top of a fondant blanket.  We made up some marshmallow fondant and colored it blue.  After we rolled it out, we cut it just a wee bit smaller than the cake board.  We measured in a seam around the edge of the blanket and then scored a stitch pattern diagonally into the blanket to make it seem as if it were quilted.  We then placed wax paper on top of the fondant blanket and set down the chocolate cake to be covered in buttercream.  (My aunt had a neat genius idea to keep from the buttercream getting a mess on top of the smooth, clean blanket).  After we covered the cake in brown buttercream, we created the white accents of the football with fondant.  We then pulled out the wax paper and began to decorate the blanket.  We cut out a darker blue baby footprint pattern to attach to the corner of the blanket as a patch and then dark blue and white fondant flowers to place around the cake.  Lastly, we set up his royal icing name, secured with buttercream and after about 6 hours total we had a sweet baby shower football cake!

We love you, Misty and David and can’t wait to lay our eyes on Baby Owen.  Congrats!

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