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Dang The Man!

Melinda contacted me about doing a cake for her friend that is a CPA that is in “tax hell” as she so truthfully put.  She wanted to give her a “just because” kind of cake to cheer her and her co-workers up at their office.

She wanted a No Smoking type sign design with IRS in the middle in hopes that it would ease some stress and make them laugh at the “Dang The Man” gift.

We baked a 10″ round vanilla cake and covered it with buttercream.  We piped in the black IRS letters, followed by the red circle with a slash through it.  We piped black basket weave on the sides of the cake and a red pearl border.

Thanks, Melinda, for allowing us the opportunity to do this cake and for being such a kind friend to all you know.  If everyone gave friends “just because” type cakes, this world would be so much sweeter.

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