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Bridal Tea Cupcakes

Mrs. Judy contacted us a couple months back and wanted 75 cupcakes for a Bridal Tea. She sent us the color swatch from fabric they are going to use at the Tea, which included dark blue, light blue, lime green and yellow. She wanted to incorporate all of the colors into the cupcakes to match the decor.

We decided on vanilla cupcakes in dark blue cupcake liners with yellow buttercream adorned with light blue layered fondant flowers and lime green buttercream leaves.

Congrats, Elizabeth! We wish you may years of happiness, love and laughter!

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A Sweet Surprise…

Darrick, our realtor, contacted us earlier this week to do a birthday cake for Melinda, his partner in crime.  He said they were going to have a meeting on Thursday and would like to surprise her with the cake at work.

In the meantime, Melinda asked me if we could do a small cake for her birthday.  Quickly, we messaged Darrick and we decided the best thing to do was tell her we were booked so that it wouldn’t ruin the surprise.  After we responded to her, she quickly let us know that it would ruin her birthday if we didn’t make it for her.  With the successful guilt trip, we told her we would make her a dozen cupcakes for her family, and she was happy.  We all wiped the sweat off our brows and continued on as planned.

He needed the cake to feed 20 and left all the other details up to us.  Luckily, Melinda told me she wanted pink and black for her cupcakes and that she liked fleur de lis, so we had something to run with.

For the cupcakes, we baked a dozen chocolate cupcakes and topped with pink buttercream.  We created flue de lis from black royal icing, let it harden and placed on top.

For the surprise cake, we wanted to do a clean, simple, yet elegant cake for Melinda in a black and white color scheme.  We baked a two layer 8” round chocolate cake to feed 20.  After covering in buttercream, we wrapped the cake with black satin ribbon and added another black with white polka dot ribbon on top of it.  We piped in black dots around the cake and white dots as the border.  We created flower petals from fondant, pieced them together and placed around the cake.  We added white buttercream lace with sugar sparkles around the outer edge of the top of the cake, created a white pearl circle n the middle and placed the royal icing “M” topper to complete the cake.

Melinda, we hope you have a very special, memorable birthday and enjoy all the cake.  There’s no way I could have lived with myself if I had ruined it!  Sorry we had to fib a bit.  It was all for a good surprising cause.  Happy Birthday, Love!

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