Rossco Cakes is made up of the husband/wife team, Ben and Bev Ross.  We love art and we love cake.  We love them so much, we couldn’t help but put them together and spend our weekends getting messy creative.  If we aren’t covered in powdered sugar, we aren’t doing it right.  We work well together.  When one stumbles upon a challenge that seems impossible to defeat, the other comes along and knocks it out. (insert rossco high-five here)

We were married on October 23, 2010 and lived in a retirement community (go ahead, point your finger and laugh) in an apartment with no oven.  This halted our passion for cakes and kept us from continuing what began so many years ago.  We bought our first home in November 2011 and are so excited to cover the kitchen in sugar and spend many hours together creating pieces of art that are demolished in a mouthful.

If you’re interested in a cake, email us at: rosscocakes@gmail.com

For more information and stories regarding our adventures, check out:

Home Projects – www.houseofrossco.wordpress.com

Design Projects – www.rosscocreative.wordpress.com


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