Keepin’ It Fresh!

Ben’s Aunt Sharon called and asked if we could do her grandson’s 2nd birthday cake. She said Jaxson was into the Fresh Beat Band, a Nickelodeon show in which we had never heard of. After doing some research, we saw that it was a group of kids that play music. Being that it was not a cartoon, we decided to do the cake in the shape of the logo with instruments adorning the outside. She wanted a vanilla cake with buttercream to feed 25-30.

To create the logo, we baked one 8″ square cake and one 9″xx13″ cake. We carved away at the rectangle cake to make it fit into the 8″ cake which formed the logo when complete. We covered the cake in buttercream. After mixing up blue, green, orange and pink buttercream, we piped stars to fill in the colors and text.

To bring the music theme into the cake, we added fondant piano keys to the right edge of the cake and fondant drum mallets to the left. After four hours, the cake was complete.

Happy Birthday, Jaxson! We hope your birthday never misses a beat!

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One thought on “Keepin’ It Fresh!

  1. Amy Hughes says:

    We absolutely loved his cake! Awesome job by two very talented people:)

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