Baby Bump

This weekend was our first weekend planned without a cake so that we could do some projects around the house.  However, while I was talking with a woman from Dover last minute about a cake that she was very anxious to get for her son, Ben was talking with Morgan about this baby bump cake that she definitely wanted.  So we took on two last minute cakes amongst the home projects.

Morgan wanted a vanilla light pink and light green baby bump cake to feed 30.  Since we have done this cake around 4-5 times, we knew what we were in for so we didn’t hesitate to take on the cake.

As before, we baked a soccer ball cake and two small ball cakes.  We cut a section out of the two small round balls to fit the breasts snugly against the belly.  We covered the cake in buttercream and a single piece of white fondant.  We then colored a piece of fondant flesh tone and placed it on as the cleavage.  We then trimmed the cake with white and pink, made the pink bow and cut out pink and light green flowers and piped a white buttercream dot in the center of each flower.

Morgan, thank you for stumbling upon and checking us out and asking us to do this cake for you.  We appreciate the opportunity to create a cake for another expecting mom-to-be.

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One thought on “Baby Bump

  1. mydearbakes says:

    This is one awesome cake, creative! 🙂

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