Simple Kind of Love

Our good friend, Sarah, wanted to come down and help us do a cake (actually, two different ones) for one of her friends that is getting married in April.

She wanted to cake to be a simpler yet elegant cake.  A red velvet caked to feed 15, black and white as the colors and a monogram on top.

We baked two 8″ round red velvet cakes and covered with buttercream.  We made the monogram from royal icing the night before so it would have time to harden.  After placing it on top, we piped a black bead border around the top and bottom.

Due to the family friendly atmosphere of this site, I will not post the second cake we made for her.  It is like none that we have ever made before, but actually had a blast making.  Just think bachelorette party and let your mind run wild.  If you ever bump into me and want to see it, just ask.  I’ll be happy to share it and share a giggle. (Never thought I would have to censor myself from a cake.  Boy, the things we do for our friends.)

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