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Sweet Taste of Music

Our close friend, Jason, wanted to surprise his wife with an electric guitar and amp cake.   He wanted both to be chocolate, guitar to have fondant and amp to be buttercream.

We baked an 8″ square for the amp.  We cut out a square for the speaker to be inset into the cake.  We then covered the cake with a yellowish brown buttercream.  We rolled a thin piece of black fondant and pressed a grid pattern into it to resemble a speaker and set it in place.  We created the handle on top with fondant.  We used a small strip of fondant for the logo on the front and piped Fender with buttercream.

We baked a 12″ square cake and cut the shape of the guitar.  We cut away a small section for the neck to sit flush with the guitar.  The neck was created from styrofoam (my husband has amazing skills!), wrapped in fondant and painted black.  We covered the body in buttercream, fondant and painted black as well. We created the knobs, strap holders, pickups  and tuning knobs with fondant painted with silver luster dust.  We piped on the frets, strings and logo.

After 8 hours, both bakes were complete.

We opened up our home for the surprise party and had a rockin’ good time!

Happy Birthday, Mel!  We love you and hope you had a lovely time and enjoyed the cake as much as we enjoy having you in our lives!

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Sesame Street Birthday

This post is brought to you by the letter C – A – K  &  E.

Kaitlin wanted an Elmo cake for her son’s birthday. It was to be a small personal vanilla cake just for her son.  She told me she preferred fondant, so we started tossing around ideas and began creating the well-known little fella.

To begin, we baked an 8″ round cake. We carved away the edges to form Elmo’s face. We covered with buttercream and a thin piece of fondant. We placed a small piece of black fondant where his mouth would be and placed it on top of the cake.

We mixed up red marshmallow fondant and used our fondant pump (looks like a pump with multiple holes in the end to create a spaghetti effect with fondant) and pressed long strands of fondant out to create the texture of fur.

We cut it into small groups and added it to the bottom of the cake and worked our way up.

After all of the fur was in place, we created the eyes and nose.  After five hours (most time spent on fur) the cake was complete.

Kaitlin, thank you for contacting us and letting us be a part of your son’s special day. We had a blast creating it for him!

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Baby Bump

This weekend was our first weekend planned without a cake so that we could do some projects around the house.  However, while I was talking with a woman from Dover last minute about a cake that she was very anxious to get for her son, Ben was talking with Morgan about this baby bump cake that she definitely wanted.  So we took on two last minute cakes amongst the home projects.

Morgan wanted a vanilla light pink and light green baby bump cake to feed 30.  Since we have done this cake around 4-5 times, we knew what we were in for so we didn’t hesitate to take on the cake.

As before, we baked a soccer ball cake and two small ball cakes.  We cut a section out of the two small round balls to fit the breasts snugly against the belly.  We covered the cake in buttercream and a single piece of white fondant.  We then colored a piece of fondant flesh tone and placed it on as the cleavage.  We then trimmed the cake with white and pink, made the pink bow and cut out pink and light green flowers and piped a white buttercream dot in the center of each flower.

Morgan, thank you for stumbling upon and checking us out and asking us to do this cake for you.  We appreciate the opportunity to create a cake for another expecting mom-to-be.

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Angry Cake!

Amanda contacted us last month about doing an Angry Birds cake for her mom’s birthday.  She said she loves the game and wanted to include the characters, especially the Mighty Eagle.  She wanted a vanilla cake to feed 8-10 people.

Ben is obsessed with this game and I have never played it so I was relying on his knowledge to get us through this cake.

We baked an 8″ square cake and covered it in buttercream.  We mixed up some green marshmallow fondant and covered the cake as the grass color.  We mixed what seems to be tons of different colors for each of the characters of the game as well as the rocks and wood.

One by one, we created the characters, starting with the body and adding the tiny details of the beaks, eyes, eyebrows and feather like hair on the tops and backs as well as the neat features of the pigs and the nest with eggs.  Then we created the prop pieces such as the rocks and wood a for the pig side and the slingshot for the birds side.  It took about 4-5 hours just forming all the figures.

After all the pieces were created, we built the scene of the Angry Birds setting out to destroy the Pigs for stealing their eggs.  Lastly, we piped “Turning 60 Makes Me Angry” as requested by Amanda.

After about 9 hours total, we had an Angry Birds cake.

Amanda, thank you for thinking of us to create this fun, challenging cake for your mom.  We hope she has a “Happy” Birthday!

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A Gamer Boy’s Birthday

Gloria, a co-worker of Ben’s, wanted a cake for Isaiah who loves the Xbox.  She wanted a chocolate cake to feed 15 with anything that dealt with the gaming system.

We baked a 12″ square chocolate cake and covered in buttercream.  We mixed up many shades of green buttercream and piped the waves like you see on the box that the system is packaged in as well as the starting screen when the system boots up.  We piped the green circles that you find in the  Xbox 360 logo as well as the Xbox logo with the name in the middle.  Ben created the controller from fondant and colored in the buttons with edible markers.  We placed a power button on the front and it was complete.

Happy Birthday, Isaiah.  We hope you had a fun birthday and enjoyed your playful cake!

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Simple Kind of Love

Our good friend, Sarah, wanted to come down and help us do a cake (actually, two different ones) for one of her friends that is getting married in April.

She wanted to cake to be a simpler yet elegant cake.  A red velvet caked to feed 15, black and white as the colors and a monogram on top.

We baked two 8″ round red velvet cakes and covered with buttercream.  We made the monogram from royal icing the night before so it would have time to harden.  After placing it on top, we piped a black bead border around the top and bottom.

Due to the family friendly atmosphere of this site, I will not post the second cake we made for her.  It is like none that we have ever made before, but actually had a blast making.  Just think bachelorette party and let your mind run wild.  If you ever bump into me and want to see it, just ask.  I’ll be happy to share it and share a giggle. (Never thought I would have to censor myself from a cake.  Boy, the things we do for our friends.)

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