Two Tier Margarita, Please.

Cathy, Ben’s co-worker and mom of our friend, Nicole, wanted a cake for Nicole’s 25th birthday. She wanted a two tier colorful Mexican/Margarita themed cake to feed 40. Design and flavors were up to us.

We baked two 6″ and two 10″ round cakes. The smaller top-tier we flavored lime and the bottom was the good old-fashioned vanilla. We covered the cakes in bright golden-yellow buttercream and stacked the two tiers. We then formed the scalloped pattern on both tiers, mixed up orange and red buttercream and began piping.

Next, we place sugar crystals on the top edge of both tiers to resemble the salt rim of a margarita glass.

We then formed lime wedges from marshmallow fondant. We placed a margarita glass on the top of the cake, created a mexican tissue paper flower and put it inside the glass. We placed the limes on each tier and one in the top of the glass. After six hours, the cake was complete.

Happy Birthday, Nicole. We hope you have a fun-filled festive birthday.

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2 thoughts on “Two Tier Margarita, Please.

  1. Cathy Stafford says:

    Absolutely the HIT of the party! Even our homemade tex-mex meal played second to the compliments your cake received!! Thank you so much for your creativity and deliciousness…the top tier lime was amazing. Orders headed your way XXOO – Cathy & family

  2. This is a masterpiece & I am jealous!

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