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A Blue Birthday

Jannette booked a cake for her son, Cade, when she ordered the Hello Kitty cake back in February for her daughter, Kailyn. She wanted a chocolate Smurf cake to feed 20.

We baked a 12″ round chocolate cake and cut out the shape of the Smurfs face and hat. We covered the whole cake with blue buttercream, piped in the white hat with buttercream. We piped a black outline around the hat, ears, eyes, nose and mouth and piped in a red tongue and it was complete.

Happy Birthday, Cade! We hope you have a very special day and enjoy your cake! Get ready for blue mouth pictures and devour that cake! Gargamel would be proud!

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Pink or Blue???

Darrick, our realtor, called us Friday evening and asked if we could make a surprise gender cake. They had received the gender of their baby in an envelope earlier that day and wanted us to create a cake that would reveal the sex of the baby when they cut into it. We had plans to be out of town for the weekend and were going to push the cake up to this week, but my heart went out to his wife and the anticipation to know what they were having so we called them back and told them to meet us with the envelope and we’d do it that evening. Within a few minutes, Darrick handed over the envelope with the surprise inside. As soon as they left, we immediately opened it. To be the first know the gender, even before the parents, felt amazing and so very special.

We ran home, baked two 6″ square vanilla cakes with the addition of food coloring to reveal the gender. We covered it in thick white buttercream to hide any of the cake that may show through and piped pink and blue pin stripes around the cake, followed by a white shell border. We piped “Sweet Baby Jackson” with alternating colors. Within two and a half hours, we baked and decorated, called Darrick back and delivered the cake. They waited until the next evening to cut it so that family could be there to take part in the special moment.

Congrats to the Jackson Family on your sweet baby boy! Thank you for allowing us to take part in such a special time in your lives. It meant the world to us!

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Two Tier Margarita, Please.

Cathy, Ben’s co-worker and mom of our friend, Nicole, wanted a cake for Nicole’s 25th birthday. She wanted a two tier colorful Mexican/Margarita themed cake to feed 40. Design and flavors were up to us.

We baked two 6″ and two 10″ round cakes. The smaller top-tier we flavored lime and the bottom was the good old-fashioned vanilla. We covered the cakes in bright golden-yellow buttercream and stacked the two tiers. We then formed the scalloped pattern on both tiers, mixed up orange and red buttercream and began piping.

Next, we place sugar crystals on the top edge of both tiers to resemble the salt rim of a margarita glass.

We then formed lime wedges from marshmallow fondant. We placed a margarita glass on the top of the cake, created a mexican tissue paper flower and put it inside the glass. We placed the limes on each tier and one in the top of the glass. After six hours, the cake was complete.

Happy Birthday, Nicole. We hope you have a fun-filled festive birthday.

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What A Catch…

Our best bud, Twin, celebrated his 28th birthday yesterday, March 4, 2012.  We wanted to surprise him with a cool cake as well as a massive dinner (complete with homemade ravioli – thanks to Holly and Sarah for spending hours in the kitchen with me) and homemade chess pie (his favorite).  We wanted to treat him like the awesome, amazing friend that he is because he deserves no less.

We decided on doing a koi fish cake since he is really big into them as he has one permanently adorning his right arm.  Holly, his precious significant other and our best gal pal, informed us he liked the white, black, yellow and orange spotted koi and vanilla cake.

We baked a 12″ round cake and carved the shape of the fish.  We covered it with buttercream followed by a layer of fondant.  We cut many small circles of each color to form the scales and placed them on one at a time.  We shaped the fins, used skewers for texturizing and placed them on the fish.  We added the eyes and mustache whiskers and the koi was complete.

We love you, Twin.  We hope you had a lovely birthday.  We are so thankful to have you in our lives and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays and all the memories we will create in between.

After dinner, we still managed to fillet his birthday fish.  Best tasting fish ever, if I do say so myself.

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Belly Full of Cake

Jodi, Ben’s cousin, contacted us a few weeks ago regarding a baby shower cake for a friend. She wanted a strawberry Pregnant Belly cake to feed 20 with pink and purple accents.

We baked one soccer ball pan to form the belly and two small ball pans to form the well-endowed momma-to-be breasts. We covered with buttercream and then a layer of fondant to form the dress. We colored a small triangle piece of fondant tan and placed it on top to form the cleavage. White strips of fondant were cut and placed as the trim of the dress. Next, we colored some fondant pink and created the bow, ribbons and trim around the top of the dress. We then cut pink and purple flowers and placed them around the cake and piped a white buttercream dot in the center of each. After four hours total, the cake was complete. (See image below for cake progression)

Congrats, Gabe, on your sweet baby that will be here before you know it! Thanks, Jodi, for the opportunity to do this cute cake.

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