Quench Your Taste

Our dear, sweet, long time friend, Lex (whom many know as the beautiful, metal singer for Straight Line Stitch) contacted us a few weeks back regarding a Guinness Cake for her brother’s birthday. She wanted carrot cake, in the shape of a glass of Guinness to feed 60.

We began by creating the Guinness logo out of royal icing and letting it harden overnight. We baked two 10″ square cakes and two 12″ square cakes. We placed a 10″ square beside a 12″ square on the cake board and covered with a layer of buttercream to be the filling. We placed the other 10″ and 12″ squares on top. We then carved the shape of a glass from the cake and covered in buttercream. We rolled out a massive piece of fondant (10 lbs. to be exact!) and covered the cake. We painted black on the white fondant to give the dark Guinness a shine as if it were in a glass. We then used a strip of white fondant to serve as foam inside of the glass and white textured fondant on top to act as the foam overflowing. Finally, we placed the Guinness logo and it was complete after 8 hours of work. (See stages below)

Much thanks to Sarah (see photo below), who so kindly came and helped us tackle this big cake challenge.

Lex, thank you for thinking of us for your brother’s special day. Cheers!  Rossco “the Guinness cake in the making” Video

Birthday Boy, Moses, and sister, Lex

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One thought on “Quench Your Taste

  1. That is beautiful…and very refreshing looking.

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