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Quench Your Taste

Our dear, sweet, long time friend, Lex (whom many know as the beautiful, metal singer for Straight Line Stitch) contacted us a few weeks back regarding a Guinness Cake for her brother’s birthday. She wanted carrot cake, in the shape of a glass of Guinness to feed 60.

We began by creating the Guinness logo out of royal icing and letting it harden overnight. We baked two 10″ square cakes and two 12″ square cakes. We placed a 10″ square beside a 12″ square on the cake board and covered with a layer of buttercream to be the filling. We placed the other 10″ and 12″ squares on top. We then carved the shape of a glass from the cake and covered in buttercream. We rolled out a massive piece of fondant (10 lbs. to be exact!) and covered the cake. We painted black on the white fondant to give the dark Guinness a shine as if it were in a glass. We then used a strip of white fondant to serve as foam inside of the glass and white textured fondant on top to act as the foam overflowing. Finally, we placed the Guinness logo and it was complete after 8 hours of work. (See stages below)

Much thanks to Sarah (see photo below), who so kindly came and helped us tackle this big cake challenge.

Lex, thank you for thinking of us for your brother’s special day. Cheers!  Rossco “the Guinness cake in the making” Video

Birthday Boy, Moses, and sister, Lex

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Dang The Man!

Melinda contacted me about doing a cake for her friend that is a CPA that is in “tax hell” as she so truthfully put.  She wanted to give her a “just because” kind of cake to cheer her and her co-workers up at their office.

She wanted a No Smoking type sign design with IRS in the middle in hopes that it would ease some stress and make them laugh at the “Dang The Man” gift.

We baked a 10″ round vanilla cake and covered it with buttercream.  We piped in the black IRS letters, followed by the red circle with a slash through it.  We piped black basket weave on the sides of the cake and a red pearl border.

Thanks, Melinda, for allowing us the opportunity to do this cake and for being such a kind friend to all you know.  If everyone gave friends “just because” type cakes, this world would be so much sweeter.

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Hello Cakey!

Jannette contacted us a few weeks back in regards to doing a birthday cake for her daughter, Kailyn. She wanted a vanilla Hello Kitty cake to feed 15.

We began by baking a 12″ round vanilla cake. We cut the Hello Kitty face out of the cake and covered in buttercream. We piped a black bead border around the base. We piped her name and the kitty whiskers with royal icing and let them harden. In the meantime, we created the eyes, nose and bow from colored marshmallow fondant. After the letters and whiskers were firm, we added the whiskers to the top so that they would hang off the edges and placed her name on the cake board. After a few hours, we had us a delicious kitten.

Jannette, thank you for the opportunity to create such a sweet cake for your daughter. We hope and pray Kailyn enjoys it and has an amazing birthday.

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A Sweet Surprise…

Darrick, our realtor, contacted us earlier this week to do a birthday cake for Melinda, his partner in crime.  He said they were going to have a meeting on Thursday and would like to surprise her with the cake at work.

In the meantime, Melinda asked me if we could do a small cake for her birthday.  Quickly, we messaged Darrick and we decided the best thing to do was tell her we were booked so that it wouldn’t ruin the surprise.  After we responded to her, she quickly let us know that it would ruin her birthday if we didn’t make it for her.  With the successful guilt trip, we told her we would make her a dozen cupcakes for her family, and she was happy.  We all wiped the sweat off our brows and continued on as planned.

He needed the cake to feed 20 and left all the other details up to us.  Luckily, Melinda told me she wanted pink and black for her cupcakes and that she liked fleur de lis, so we had something to run with.

For the cupcakes, we baked a dozen chocolate cupcakes and topped with pink buttercream.  We created flue de lis from black royal icing, let it harden and placed on top.

For the surprise cake, we wanted to do a clean, simple, yet elegant cake for Melinda in a black and white color scheme.  We baked a two layer 8” round chocolate cake to feed 20.  After covering in buttercream, we wrapped the cake with black satin ribbon and added another black with white polka dot ribbon on top of it.  We piped in black dots around the cake and white dots as the border.  We created flower petals from fondant, pieced them together and placed around the cake.  We added white buttercream lace with sugar sparkles around the outer edge of the top of the cake, created a white pearl circle n the middle and placed the royal icing “M” topper to complete the cake.

Melinda, we hope you have a very special, memorable birthday and enjoy all the cake.  There’s no way I could have lived with myself if I had ruined it!  Sorry we had to fib a bit.  It was all for a good surprising cause.  Happy Birthday, Love!

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