Cute As A Button

Rebecca, from Active Screen Graphics in Clarksville, contacted me a couple weeks ago about doing a baby shower cake.  The gender for the baby is unknown so a gender neutral design and color scheme was needed.  She decided on a french vanilla cake to feed 40.

Given all creative freedom on the cake, my husband and I sat and baked up some ideas and decided on a two tier yellow, brown and white cake.  We baked two-10″ round cakes and two-6″ round cakes.  We added yellow buttercream and then stacked the tiers.  We made up some brown and white marshmallow fondant.  We rolled out the brown fondant and cut strips to create the ribbon.  After attaching it to the cake, we piped in the white stitches and a white bead border around both tiers.  We then created the bows, placed them and piped the stitching.  We cut out white flowers and brown buttons and added them to the cake.  We came back and piped a white dot in the center of the flowers and thread on the buttons as if they were sewn to the cake.  We then created the white blanket to adorn the top of the cake.  Now it was time for sculpting the bear (our favorite part, if all goes as planned).  We sculpted the bear’s body, arms, legs and head from brown marshmallow fondant and attached them together.  We placed it on top, gave a smile of approval and walked away two happy cake makers.

Thank you, Rebecca, for the opportunity to do this cake.  We had fun!

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3 thoughts on “Cute As A Button

  1. Rebecca Weiland says:

    Thank you Beverly! The cake was absolutely beautiful and delicious. It was a work of art. We hated to have to cut it, but we were so glad when we did because it was so moist and tasty. Your creativity and talent is unbelievable. Thanks again!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I LOVED this cake! I’m the mother-to-be, and it was absolutely one of the most adorable cakes I’ve seen…plus, it was delicious! 🙂 Thank you all for such a wonderful treat on a very special day. I’m following your blog, and hope to order more cakes from y’all in the future, as well as make recommendations. 🙂 Thank you again!

  3. Melissa says:

    As Granny-to-be, I LOVED the cake! It was the cutest little bear cake ever…thank you for sharing your creativity.

    Love your blog as well. Thanks for sharing.

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