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Drumroll, please.

January 21st will always be a special day in the Rossco household and a reason for a crafty cake.  We celebrate the birth of a musician, artist, and best dang partner a person could ever ask for,  my amazing husband. 

Ben turns 32 today and finally gets the cake he always wanted… A snare to match his own.  We have planned for years that this would be his grooms cake, but since we had a wedding in Chattanooga, which didn’t allow us to make our own (don’t worry, we opted out of a cake at all and built a cool one from fabric in protest against such a thought).

He wanted to have an acoustic jam at the house this year with 20 or so of his close friends/musicians, so we only thought it appropriate to finally sculpt the drum. (His actual snare pictured below)

Two days earlier we created the BR badge from black royal icing as well as a 32nd note.  Originally from the Buddy Rich logo, Ben created his own and has it placed forever upon his wrist, so we only say it perfect to place it on his drum cake

We baked two 12″ round french vanilla cakes and covered them in buttercream.  We cut a piece of fondant the same size as the top of the cake and put it in place to be the drum head.  We mixed up a light golden/brown strip of fondant and marbled dark brown coloring in to give it a wood texture and wrapped it around the side of the cake.  We then put gold luster dust on our hands to give the cake the golden sparkle.  Gray fondant was mixed up and applied to the top and bottom as the rim.  Silver luster dust was mixed with Vodka and painted on the rim to give it the nickel finish. The round lugs were made and set in place.  We built the tensions rods from spaghetti wrapped in fondant.  After the lugs and rods were set in place, we painted them with the luster dust.  The drum sticks were rolled and set out to harden.  After we secured the badge and music note on the cake, we had us the most delicious snare we’ve ever seen.

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Cute As A Button

Rebecca, from Active Screen Graphics in Clarksville, contacted me a couple weeks ago about doing a baby shower cake.  The gender for the baby is unknown so a gender neutral design and color scheme was needed.  She decided on a french vanilla cake to feed 40.

Given all creative freedom on the cake, my husband and I sat and baked up some ideas and decided on a two tier yellow, brown and white cake.  We baked two-10″ round cakes and two-6″ round cakes.  We added yellow buttercream and then stacked the tiers.  We made up some brown and white marshmallow fondant.  We rolled out the brown fondant and cut strips to create the ribbon.  After attaching it to the cake, we piped in the white stitches and a white bead border around both tiers.  We then created the bows, placed them and piped the stitching.  We cut out white flowers and brown buttons and added them to the cake.  We came back and piped a white dot in the center of the flowers and thread on the buttons as if they were sewn to the cake.  We then created the white blanket to adorn the top of the cake.  Now it was time for sculpting the bear (our favorite part, if all goes as planned).  We sculpted the bear’s body, arms, legs and head from brown marshmallow fondant and attached them together.  We placed it on top, gave a smile of approval and walked away two happy cake makers.

Thank you, Rebecca, for the opportunity to do this cake.  We had fun!

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