Alphabet Cake

Melinda, our real estate agent, contacted me last week and needed a “S” birthday cake for her 8 year old daughter.  She sent me a photo of all the party decor to match and decided on a vanilla cake to feed 10.

After seeing all the fun patterns, we decided to use buttercream and fondant to get the best result.

We began by baking a 12″ round cake and cutting out the shape of the “S” and covering it with buttercream.  We made pink marshmallow fondant and placed it on top of the buttercream.  We mixed up some black buttercream and used a damask stencil to create the pattern up the left side of the cake.  After the black pattern was added,  the pink fondant was dyed two shades darker to create the peacock feather centers.  After placing them on the cake, white buttercream was piped to add to the feathers.  Lastly, we added a white bead border to the top and bottom of the cake.

Melinda, we hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday.

Many thanks to my husband and main cake man, Ben, for dying his hands bright pink without one complaint and staying up past midnight with me to knock out this cake.  You are truly the most amazing help I could ever ask for.

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