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Pirate Pig

A co-worker of Ben’s wanted a birthday cake for her husband that matched a tattoo he had. The tattoo was of a pirate pig as pictured below:

She wanted a strawberry cake to make the cake that much more of a gruesome lifelike surprise when he cut into the cake. We carved the pig from a football shaped cake, covered in buttercream and then tinted flesh tone colored fondant. We had placed a piece of red fondant on the area where the ribs were to be exposed and then tore the flesh tone fondant in that area to reveal the red, then added the ribs. We then begin making all of the other body parts, sword, belt, earring and eye patch from colored fondant. We came back with silver luster dust and brushed the sword and earring to a nice silver shine like metal and this completed the brutal cute cake. May be perhaps one of our favorites. We love a bloody challenge.

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Baby Shower Kickoff!

A good friend of ours asked us if we would be able to do her baby shower cake a few months back.  She was having a boy and knew she wanted a football themed cake.  After tossing around ideas, we settled on a 3D football cake.

A few days prior to decorating the cake, we created his first name “OWEN” out of royal icing.  We let the letters dry and harden on wax paper so that they would be sturdy enough to stand against the cake.

Misty decided on a chocolate cake with buttercream icing.  To keep from the football cake looking too grown up or like a groomsmen cake, like we’ve done before, we wanted to add a few baby items surrounding the cake to give it a softer, sweeter little boy feeling.  We decided to place the buttercream football cake on top of a fondant blanket.  We made up some marshmallow fondant and colored it blue.  After we rolled it out, we cut it just a wee bit smaller than the cake board.  We measured in a seam around the edge of the blanket and then scored a stitch pattern diagonally into the blanket to make it seem as if it were quilted.  We then placed wax paper on top of the fondant blanket and set down the chocolate cake to be covered in buttercream.  (My aunt had a neat genius idea to keep from the buttercream getting a mess on top of the smooth, clean blanket).  After we covered the cake in brown buttercream, we created the white accents of the football with fondant.  We then pulled out the wax paper and began to decorate the blanket.  We cut out a darker blue baby footprint pattern to attach to the corner of the blanket as a patch and then dark blue and white fondant flowers to place around the cake.  Lastly, we set up his royal icing name, secured with buttercream and after about 6 hours total we had a sweet baby shower football cake!

We love you, Misty and David and can’t wait to lay our eyes on Baby Owen.  Congrats!

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